Yeah I have become a #BABORISTA, check this blogpost for more!

Hi girls, how are you? I can share something really excited with you. As you can already see in the caption above. I have become a Baborista. So great. Do you know the brand already? It is called Babor, and it is a very good skincare brand which I already used before! I really like it because I already tried their cleaning brush set and their advent calender with the ampuls. Everything was so nice, so I am really proud that I can say I am a #BABORISTA. So now about these amazing products. First the Essential cream Pure Intense. I am 22 years old and I still have a lot of pimples and impurities, so this cream is perfect for me to use everyday in the morning and in the evening. The other products are also for impurities like redness and large pores. I use the Couperose Cream , Pore refiner and the Hyaluron Cream. And right now I can see my skin calmer (or how do you see it in English). I mean less pimples and impurities, so that is really great!! The products also smell very good and they feel great on my skin. This was it for now. But you will probely see more of Babor in the next couple of months. So stay updated girls! Have a great day.

In collaboration with Babor


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