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Laptop skin My Interior Musthaves

Hi everyone! Hope you had a nice weekend. I want sun again right now. Last weekend was so great with lots of sun and nice things do to. But this weekend was grey and very windy. Don’t like it at all. Buttt this laptop print cheers me up a little. I like marble, especially when the marble is pink. The print is from My Interior Musthaves, a online store with a lot of amazing home goodies. You need to check it out. This print is great to protect my laptop and looks pretty at the same time. Looks like I sitting on a cool bar in a coffee company, but not. This is my home hihi 😉 But I think it looks cool when I am behind a window. Today I had so many things do to. And I am not done with it.. Upcoming Saturday I will going to Budapest. Super excited of course, but I need to do a lot before I am leaving. I never carry my laptop with me on trips, especially when the trips are very short. Because my laptop is very heavy to bring with me. So now I need to make a lot of blogposts for the days when I am away. But don’t worry it will be fine. I have a some amazing articles in mind and the photos are also ready to share with you. I hope you will like it. Have a nice Monday girls! Kisses



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