The Fashion Week has wrapped, which means two things: We have six months to brainstorm how to incorporate a lot more yellow into our spring 2019 wardrobes, and we now know which fall 2018 runway trends actually translate it to street style. Every season this stylish set gets around a handful of It Items from the collections just hitting retail, which sets off a sort of chain reaction: They’re photographed in those pieces, those images make their way around the Internet, people start inquiring about said pieces, and the market is suddenly overwhelmed with them and their look-alikes. You don’t have to wait long to cop the biggest trends for this season—many of the street-style crowd’s picks are already available for purchase (and budget-friendly).


Arty Animal Prints

One of the season’s coolest approaches to prints is to make an arty interpretation of some of the most recognizable animal patterns—like color-blocking and abstracting zebra stripes. You can go all in with a patterned one-piece, or ease into it with a discreet accessory.

Scarf Accents

The most exciting fashion trends are the ones you can fashion out of things you already own—and whether it’s your go-to fall accessory or that special something you picked out at a thrift store, a silky scarf is it for fall 2018. You can tie it to your ponytail or style it as a headband; you can wear it as a belt or affix it to your tote bag. There are even blouses and dresses that come with a neck scarf built in, so you don’t even have to think about grabbing one on your way out of the house.

Popover Blouses

Short-sleeve, popover-style button-downs come with a hint of nostalgia (they feel like something the kids at Rydell High School would wear to their local diner) and comfort (you could just be wearing a pajama top, who’s to say?) And they can easily be swapped into your wardrobe for a T-shirt or a flowy blouse, if you want something that feels a little more polished.

Statement Snakeskin

If you needed further proof that snakeskin is on its way to replace leopard as fashion’s favorite animal print…



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