With Martini on a trip to the Formule 1 at Spa-Francorchamps


Last weekend Esmee (EsmeeRodrigo) and I were at the Formule 1 race in Spa, Belgium. It was so much fun! Did you see my Instastories? I filmed a lot of that day! Martini, who is the sponsor of Team Williams, invited us to come to the race. Aaaand they throw an amazing party at the end. We are so honored that we were invited. And even if I am a girly girl I really like it to visit Spa for the first time. It was a really cool experience. First we drove to the city Spa to pick up some parking tickets and we take some photo over there. Because it is sooo pretty in Spa. The whole region is so beautiful. I really want to go back soon. After the photos we drive to the circuit to park the car. Later on we had some lunch at the Hotel de la Source. We feel so VIP! 😉 After lunch we went to the circuit where we had a spot on the main stand. So cool! When the GP2 was finished we had to change our clothes to a more chique outfit for the Martini afterparty, where we had the best Martini aperativo! I hope I will be there again next year.


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