What to do in two days Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Barcelona

Hi everyone, today a blogpost which is different from others. Today I don’t want to give you style inspiration or only some great sightseeing photos, but I want to share my tips when you go for two days Barcelona. I was in Barcelona for the weekend because of a friend of mine, who has her internship in this beautiful city. And I have fulltime job, so I didn’t have time to travel a lot. But I really like it so that’s why I need to make the most of the weekend trips.


The first day in Barcelona. Breakfast at a cute place on the street. I never did some sightseeing here, so I really want to see the sagrada Familia and some other hotspots. So I rented a bike at Cruising Barcelona. And for the Dutchies, they speak Dutch, because bikes are presenting Holland ofcourse. This was my second time to rent I bike in a big city and I really love it. It is so much better, than the subways. With a bike you will see so much more of the city than when you are in the underground. And it is perfect to ride across the boulevard, the harbour and the cute streets. On this day I want to see as much as possible. Because the best of this city is.. the beach!! And we went to Brunch & Cake, which was amazing at perfect to go with a bike. More about that place soon on my blog (I really want to give you guys tips where you can eat). At the end of the we brought the bikes back to Cruising Barcelona to go to the most amazing view of Barcelona: El Carmel. I want to go to the bunkers, so when you are in Barcelona I hope you will find it. But we were at another mountain, which is also called El Carmel. So confusing ;). And the second thing what doesn’t work was to find a take away pizza. But when you walk off the mountain it will bring you to Parc Guell, which is really cool to visit. There are a lot of parrots in the palmtrees and colorful houses over there. Luckily we found a place in the street near home to eat pizza.


The second day in Barcelona. Breakfast ofcourse at the same spot. And on Sunday it is beach day. The weather was great and it was a long time ago when I had time to lay on the beach and swim in the sea. So that is what I did. We had lunch at a cool beach club with nachos and guacamole, and I enjoyed my Fanta Lemon (the best thing ever on a beach day with hot temperatures). We also want to go to a rooftop pool, but I think you need to find out at home which one is the best. Because from locals we heard you need to pay €400 euro to swim in the pool at the W hotel. But it is drinks and sun bed included. And we were at another hotel, but they said it is open from 8pm for the people who are not staying in the hotel… But the sea is also really good. In the evening we ate at a fun restaurant at the Ramblas. Something like a circus restaurant, because they had wigs, bubble blow and other crazy things. But the paella and tapas were really good. I had to go to bed early, because I flew home the next day. Really good weekend, as I said it myself (or is this a Dutch saying?).

I hope you like it! What is your next trip? Let me know!


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