W-w-w-wraped + amazing swimsuits high neck

Apricot chiffon dress (here) // Black flower dress (here) // White lace bikini (here) // Stripe ruffle bikini (here) // Floral boho dress (here) // White asymmetrical skirt (here) // Yellow floral dress (here) // Layered sleeve blouse (here

The wrapped skirt, swimsuits high neck and floral midi dresses are the items we are going to see very much this season. The wrapped floral skirt can easily wear with a white crop top. I like this trend a lot. And from the wishlist number 4 the ruffle bikini my ultimate favorite.  What is your favorite item? Also number 8 the layered sleeve blouse is an item I wear a lot this season. It is so easy to wear with a pair of jeans or a gorgeous skirt. And I’ve seen it in a lot of different colors and patterns. I like this Summer trends so much. I hate it when the shops here in Holland gets darker colors. Can it be Summer all year long 😉 Have a great Saturday babes! xoxo


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