Trying 540 micro needles on my face with Swiss Clinic

Swiss Clinic Skin Roller // Rejuvenating Serum // Sanitzing spray 


Hi girls, how are you today? Hope you feel great. Look what I discovered a couple of weeks ago. You know I really like to try things out to make my face looks more smooth. Me and my face are always in a little fight with some products. Because I think it needs cream to hydratate, but when I use that my face is very greasy and shiny. And you think it will be more even, but that is just the opposite. I have a lot of red and black spots on my face. So I tried out these products from Swiss Clinic. I was a little scared of the micro needles, but I feld nothing on my face. My face will be a little red after using it for 5 minutes, but it saids it will open thousands of small channels in the skin. After treatment with the Skin Roller, the skin will absorb up to 300% more serum or gel thanks to the microchannels. And the serum I used it not greasy and absorb really well. My face looks smoother and even than before! You can use it as a 5-day trial, but I use it I think twice a week. The third product is to disinfect the roller, so it is much better to use in with all of these three products. Click on the link above to try it by yourself. Kisses!


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  1. december 15, 2017 / 3:29 pm

    Het klinkt pijnlijk maar als jij zegt dat je er niks van voelt is het wel het proberen waard. Ik heb ook altijd een beetje last van m’n huid en ben al snel gevoelig voor allerlei “parfum” achtige artikelen dus hopelijk is dit meer iets voor mij.

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