The fall of my dreams

Hi everyone. How are you?! This was my last weekend at National Parc Hoge Veluwe. The weather was so amazing, so we bought a ticket to enter and we also could pick a bike to ride around the parc. It was so so great. The fall colors at the woods are so beautiful. I needed to make a couple of pictures over here. I am wearing a lace, black, see-through dress, which I really like. Here you found more these black midi dresses. Right now I wear them all black, but maybe it will be better to add some burgundy to it! What do you think? Something what would be also really cool is add a belt bag to it. The dress has a little taille, but you can’t see it so well. So it looks much better when you add a belt bag from Marc Jacobs for example. The belt bags are so easy to use to have your hands free. I am thinking about using it in the gym, haha such another subject. But I am back at the gym. But now I made a schedule on my phone, but I don’t want to leave my phone on the ground. These beltbags would be perfect for the gym, but I don’t know which one would be the best. Maybe this  small sportive one from Rag & Bone?! Let me know what you use. Okay enough for today. See you maybe tomorrow! Have a great evening. Kisses!


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