The best thing on Saturdays

Sushi delivered by Foodora

Hi from a sunny Budapest! I don’t know how to say Hi in the language of Budapest. I sounds like a difficult language. I’ve never been to this city before. Do you ever visited Budapest? And do you have some tips? It is not a blogger type of city. With a bloggerstype I mean it is not a colorful and beachie city. Okay, but who cares haha 😉 Budapest has some impressive buildings and wonderful spas. So I think the photo’s will be amazing. Now talk about this delicious sushi. When you live in some of the big cities in NL you can order some amazing food at Foodora. I choose sushi, because I LOVE IT. Normally I eat the ‘all you can eat’ sushi, but this one is much better. And it is so easy to order. You can recognize them by the fuchsia pink bikes in the streets of Amsterdam. You only have 5 days when the delivery is for free. So hurry up and get that amazing sushi (or something else of course). Talk soon!


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