Take a Fall break, go to paradise!

Craving to have the Summer back, haha! Okay that sounds really dramatic. But I like Summer, I like the clothes, the temperature ofcourse, beaches and all that stuff. But something you didn’t know if that I am going to the Caribien in about two weeks. And I am soooo excited for that. We are going with the whole family to Curacao! Did you already know that island. Some of you didn’t know it, but it looks like paradise. And they talk a little like Dutch. So that is also really great. We checked Booking.com for the best place to stay. And there are so many great accemondations. We always book everything by Booking.com, but than you are sure you will pay the best price. And I have something great. When you book something by this link. You can get after the booking 25 euro payback!!! How nice is that?! (bookings from 50 euro). When you book something what are the most important things to you? Let me know in the comment section!


Have a great weekend!

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