Surprise your dad with Hemd voor Hem

in collaboration with Hemd voor Hem

Sunday 18 June is the day, we can our fathers be pampered. Whether you’re doing a dinner party gift, a good book or perhaps a new tie – the best part is, of course, a gift with a personal touch.  As Father’s Day is around the corner, Hemd voor hem has given me the opportunity to surprise my father with a drip-dry shirt. Do you already know this webshop? Their specialty are shirts, because they have a vert extensive collection in the webshop. But not only normal shirts, they have mainly ironing free shirts, though there are some exceptions, such as for example OLYMP Level 5, these are extra easy care because they are just not quite complete drip-dry from the washing machine. In addition, you will find an ever growing collection with other garments for him. For example, they have ties in all kinds of colors and motifs, but also an extensive collection of men’s sweaters in a variety of styles and models of the same brands as where our shirts of his. So shop till you drop for your dad! Have a great Sunday


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