Summer I am ready for ‘ya

new Woden Jane Suede Sand

Hi everyone! How are you doing? I am great. Had a wonderful weekend in Twente. But now I am back with a whole new look. Summer is here, so I had to wear a dress because otherwise it will be too hot. I wear my pinkie dress from the market in Spain with my new Woden sneakers. How cool are these ones? I like them a lot. I styled them with some pompoms but you can definitely wear it without them. Today I need to do a lot. On Wednesday I am going to Milan for a few days. But before that trip I need to do some homework and other things. And of course I need to pack all my stuff. I don’t know what to wear in Milan. I really want to wear some maxi dresses, but I don’t have the perfect ones. Maybe I will go shopping over there to get some of the dresses. What are your plans for the upcoming week? Talk soon..


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