Styling my new bedroom with the posters from Desenio

Ciao Bella // Disassembled camera // Flower Fence Neighbours // Scoop it Up // Swimming Girl

Finally the new home is almost ready. Okay almost ready with rebuilding. After that we need to do the styling! But that will be fun I think. Especially to style it with these amazing posters from Desenio. I have picked these out because we already have some pinkish color on the wall with marble paint. Can you see it? it is ofcourse not really like marble, but this is how they call it. It will be more used at Italian homes. So that was the thing I have keep in mind while picking out these posters. I wanted to have some Italian styles ones. I like the words; ‘Ciao Bella’. So this was one I picked out for sure. Than I like those beautiful pastel colored buildings. I wish we had them also over here in the Netherlands. It is so beautiful with the tiny balconies. The one with flowers fits perfectly with the yellow building, because it seems like it is the same fence. Ofcourse I had to pick the icecream poster. It looks so amazing on marble with the gold frame. Which one is your favorite? Now you can shop all the poster and frames with 25% off with the code; MARIEKEKAZEN from 11 until 13 September (except for the ‘handpicked’ and ‘collaboration’ frames and posters). Follow @desenio for more inspiration. Can’t wait to style the rest of the house. I also really like the kitchen posters from Desenio. I think it looks so beautiful with our white and black kitchen with those green walls. Happy shopping everyone.



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