Snow is falling, all around me! ♬

Sweater, Skirt My Jewellery  // Over knee boots Sacha

Hi girls!! Looks at this white world. Finally it is snowing, so great!! Yes it was great yesterday when it was weekend. Today I went to the office, so it was a little scary to drive around. But I made it to home! Look at this cute outfit. I really like this one. It is so nice with the glitter skirt and the fluffy sweater. Definitely the perfect comfy party outfit for Christmas. And the over knee boots are so great. I always wanted to have overknee boots, especially in Winter. They are perfect to keep me warm while wearing skirts. And these are soo perfect, because I was searched around for the best heel. Not to high, not too tiny. This one is just perfect. And it fits perfectly, because I was scared if they fallen off, but they didn’t. You can shop them at Sacha. They have the best shoes in town, especially the biker boots are very great. They have a lot of them. Right now I already ordered some party shoes. The metallic silver ones. Last year I had some of Primark. But the silver is falling off, and I don’t know where they are. These one from Sacha are the best. I can’t wait to try them on! Oh and I am sorry for the radio silence again on my blog. You can expect more article soon on my blog!! Because I have some great outfits ahead to share with you. But I am so busy at the moment. I need to make some time to make some inspirational posts for you girls. I will promise there will be tomorrow another blogpost! Have a great snowy evening everyone!! Kisses!


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