Sit back and relax with the tea from Tastea + discountcode!

Tastea Ibiza Feelings

“Imagine yourself in the sunny and always cheerful Ibiza with our special. The 100% natural Ibiza tea can support the typical island feeling: Relaxation, joy and enjoyment.” This time I was not in Ibiza, but again at Lago di Garda. At the same place as in Spring. The weather was so great, so I drank this tea while having break of tanning at the pool. The cup is super easy to use, because the tea didn’t come in bags so you can put it in the filter above. So you can take it away or drink at at the campsite, like it do! And the best thing ever is; you can shop the tea and the cup with 10% off with the code; MARIEKE10 at (valid from 12th until 19th of September). How great is that?! They don’t only have this Ibiza Feelings tea, there is also a detox one and one especially to make your hair and nails stronger. You need to check their website for more info.

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