Show that skin with a prom dress

  1. Ruffle yellow dress // 2. Faux leather sandals // 3. Lace-up textured dress // 4. Off shoulder dress // 5. Puffball backless dress // 6. Light purple dress // 7. Blue party dress // 8. Zipper sandals

A peek of the obliques, a sliver of taut abdomen . . . there’s no denying that skin is, well, in. One needn’t be an avid follower of fashion trends to acknowledge that the less-is-more look is everywhere. Slashes, slits, and cutouts of a variety of geometric shapes have found themselves carved into just about every piece of clothing imaginable. For the uninitiated—myself included—wondering how and what to expose without looking like a human Swiss cheese is the first challenge. But high temps call for a little extra ventilation. And when celebs are making it look good, that’s reason enough to experiment with the idea ourselves. “You just have to own it.” Shop everything on

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