Share your love and help people with skin problems

1 vaseline purchase = 1 donation to Direct Relief

Hi girls! Do you use Vaseline for maybe your lips or your dry skin. Now Vaseline is started a campaign together with Direct Relief to help people with their skin problems. Normally we help the people in poor countries with things as lack of food, water and shelter in emergency situations. While skins problems, especially if they are not treated, can make bigger problems. Since 1865, the Vaseline Petroleum Jelly helps the skin to repair and protect. So our mission is to help 5 million people before 2020. But what can we do to help the people. When you buy one Vaseline Jelly you will give one donation to Direct Relief. The campaign at Kruitvat starts on 20 February till 5 March. Share the restorative power of Vaseline with us! 

in collaboration with Vaseline


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