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Paul Hewitt bracelet // Top & Skirt Zaful 

Good morning girls! Only two days to go and than… weekend! This photos I took last Sunday. It was so beautiful! I love the colors with the blue skies. And look at my amazing bracelet from Paul Hewitt. Do you already know this brand? Paul Edward Hewitt worked as a master tailor close to London, UK. After moving to Germany he succeed in opening a menswear shop with the perfect symbiosis of British gentlemen’s style. After a solid 100 year later, his great-grandson, while begin in university, scanned through the family tree to find inspiration for founding his own watch, jewelry and accessories brand. He decided to follow the tradition of this ancestors with a credible nautical origin. It is timeless, chic and with a Northern German attitude to life. I love my bracelet so much! Check the website for more. You can click on the link in the description. Now, you have learned a bit on this early morning, haha 😉 . Have a great day!



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