Pink playground in Hudson Bay

Top & Pants Clouds of Fashion

Hi girls, long time no see. I am too busy to do something with my blog. Even my Instagram has a little break some times. And right now I am in the middle of a Winter dip 😉 (or don’t you call it the same in English?! I don’t know) But look how cool this pink playground is. Hudson bay has open his doors in some big cities. I went to Rotterdam to see this cool concept warehouse. And this playground was a concept store of &C, the magazine of Chantal Jansen. I need to take some pictures! And what do you think? Really cool right? My clothes are from Clouds of Fashion, I do a monthly collab with them right now. Because their collection are great. I really like this look!! Have great evening! I think I will watch Hollands Next Top Model & Models in Paris on RTLXL. What are you going to do? Kisses!


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