My new red swimsuit from LASCANA

Swimsuit LASCANA 

Hi girls! How are you today? I am so so tired. Last Monday was my first day at my new job and now everything is new and difficult. So I need to relax a bit. But the weekend is around the corner. Only one day at work. I really love swimsuits at the moment. How about you? This swimsuit is from LASCANA, a company with swimsuits, bikinis and lingerie. I love the silver details and the low back. The low back was a pré, because it looks so beautiful when I am a bit tanned. Right now I am not so tanned, this is the first day I can put some swimwear on. The weather is great here in Holland, but I am too busy to go to the beach or lay down in my swimwear. Have a great sunny evening everyone. Kisses


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