My best Christmas look

What do you think of this XMAS kinda look? I really like the red tones and plaid pattern. Especially for the cold weather these days. So that is why I picked out some of my favorite cold weather picks for you.

I want to start with the cosy pearl knit for I love Mr Mittens, which is one of my favorite brands for sure. You can find the brand over here. You find their cosy knitwear in beautiful colors. What really cool is these days are the puffer scarfs from Think Royln. It keeps you warm and this thing is really unique and outstanding. What is your favorite from these puffer scarfs? Now move over to these red XMAS tones. I really wanted to have one of the plaid pants in that color. Finally I found the perfect one from Miaou. It is simple but with special details at the top. You can find my favorite plaid pants over here.


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