More sunsets & less phone screens


Top EliseStore // Jeans Zaful // Loafers Flattered // Bag JoshV // Watch IceWatch

Good morning !! Did you had a nice weekend? I am finally feeling a little better. I had the flu the last week. Luckily I had these photos in my archive. But I did some fun things the last days. On Friday I had a day off from work, because I had a wedding the whole day. Such an amazing wedding day! And on Saturday I need to do some painting in our future house. And Sunday it was time to searching around for laminate. And of course I make some photos. What did you do? And what do you think of these photos. I like them so much. The jeans is so cool with the embroidered details. And look at my watch. The color: green is so beautiful. What do you think of the whole look? Let me know!



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