Make each day a happy day!

Happy Socks here

Good early morning! Today will be a happy day 😉 Haha! Okay not so happy, because I have a lot of homework to do, but I can do everything I want with this Happy Socks. These cuties will cheering me up during the day. The photos are made at my hotel room in Hotel The Exchange. Check the blogpost here. Such an amazing room to take photos. I already tried these socks and panties last Summer. I like that colors more, because I am no so into the black one with the colorful dots. You can find the blogpost where I am talk about here. Oeh, my hair was so long over there. I hope it will grow a lot till Summer. Because in Summer I always want long hair haha 😉 But now enough talk about Summer and Happy Socks. I need to do my homework for MediaStyling Interior, so I need to make an advertorial with the fashion trend ruffles. Wish me luck, because it need to be done before Budapest. Talk soon.


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