Love this Winter trend

Coat Zaful // Jeans Levis // Bag Bulaggi // White boots Sacha Shoes

Goodmorning girls. How are you today? I am feeling sooooo cold. I can’t handle this weather. Okay that sounds really depressed, and I am not. Because I like the blue skies and the bright weather. But I don’t know what to wear these freezing days. This look I really like a lot. I wear some pastel colors and matches with my on trend white boots from Sacha Shoes (laarzen). The white boots are back, you can see them so on streetstyle looks and at Fashionweek! Okay it was hard to wear them, because sometimes I don’t know how to wear some trends. These boots are in a (for me) Summer color, so how are you going to wear it in Winter. I wear it with pastel colors, so it still looks a little summerly. How would you wear them. Maybe I will wear it also with this blue Levis jeans, a light blue satin top and a matching jeans jacket. Because satin and light blue are also my two favorites trends this season!! And what do you think of this background. We drove along the highway and I saw this little castle. It looks soo cute. But we did not dare to come any closer, because I saw cameras were everywhere. Hahah! This gate looks also really beautiful ! And we were on time to make photos of the sunset, yeah!! Now I have a lot of work to do! See you in a couple of days with a new blogpost !! Kisses x


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