Just get some air with Lamzac

Fatboy Lamzac  // Dress Rosegal Surprise code: RGEN // criss cross crop top 

Yeah, I just had an amazing weekend! Yesterday it was so sunny. So I grab my Lamzac out for a beach day. Do you already know this cool thing? Lamzac® the original is the one and only air lounger for all your adventures. Simple to inflate, just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size air lounger. It comes with a handy small backpack so you can take it anywhere you want. It is easily deflated, and stored in a small package. Take it out of the bag and scoop up the air. Wrap it up and click the closure together. You’re ready to lounge. Once you’re done, let the air out. Roll it up and you’re good to go.

A very comfortable seat or sofa for two. It stays inflated for a very long time and is the perfect lounger to chill, relax, rest, or sleep. Hangout anywhere. For all your activities indoor and outdoor. Travelling. Festivals. Beach trips. Ski trips. The lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use the Lamzac® the original over and over again. Prepare to take your Lamzac with you, everywhere you go.



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