Italian roadtrip part 2

Hi girls. In some of my last blogposts I talked with you about my Italian roadtrip. Right now it is already two weeks ago. Time flies! But I know many of you wanted to go to do a roadtrip through Italy. I have received some many questions about it. So here it is part 2 of a blogpost with some tips. I am thinking about doing another blogpost with only recommended places etc. Because I think it would be very easy for you guys to copy past to your notes on your phone. So if there still is something you know. Feel free to ask and maybe I will write it down in my next Italian roadtrip post.

After 1.5 week in Lake Garda, Tuscany and Rome we stop in the Amalfi Coast. It is very easy to drive and not so far away from Rome. Okay you think it is not so far away from Rome when you look at the map. But because of the roads in the Amalfi coast 8 kilometer will take maybe 20 minutes. We booked a hotel in Praiano. Of course we wanted to have a hotel in Positano. But we were very late with booking so there were not so many fair price hotels available. But Praiano is great when you want to visit the Amalfi Coast. We stayed at Casa Stella Marina and we booked it with It is a very cosy little hotel,  looks like some apartments and you need to do the check in at the hotel next to it. Oh if you want to book a hotel by, you definitely need to book it by this link. Because than you will get 25 euro back on bookings from 50 euro. So great right?! But you will only get it by clicking on the link. If you want to visit the Amalfi Coast Praiano will be great because it is in the middle of Positano en Amalfi. But when you will stay a little longer over there. I can recommend Amalfi more. I have visit it by scooter but it is more cosy and vibrant as Praiano. Praiano is very small and more for locals. More about Amalfi soon on the blog as I already told you!

After the Amalfi coast we have visit Ischia, a little island near Naples. Ischia is a very nice and a less expensive island especially you will come from Positano. Positano is so touristic and many expensive hotels, so when you will visit Ischia it is so much better. We want to take the ferry from Pozzuoli to park the car over there. Because the ferry with a car is of course a higher price when you don’t take the car with you. So at home I searched around where we can park the car and I saw it was possible to park the car everywhere you want or at the big parking station in front of the ferry. But the thing is when we came there it was not possible. Everywhere we look it was only for 2 hours max. So we thought what can we do.. So we take the car in the ferry.. Okay it was maybe better because than we can bring all our luggage and park the car in front of the hotel. But when this is a tip for you guys. It is not so easy than it seems. Haha, okay I can write a whole blogpost about every place we have visit to prepare you for everything. But that thing is very important to know.


First we stayed at a little B&B in Ischia. It was so, so nice. I love it when we stayed at small place because we live with the locals and you can get tips of them. The B&B called Villa Araucaria. You definitely need to visit this place when you are Ischia and I will come back when ever visit the island again. After the one night we stayed at a bigger hotel. Okay it was because I saw this one on Pinterest and it looks so beautiful. But after the stay I know why there were some people who where visiting this place. It is because it also a beach club. So you can have a drink and swim here when you are at Ischia. But the rooms are also very great and beautiful. So I can also recommend this place, called Giardino Eden.


After Ischia we drove to Como meer and we didn’t had a good experience over there. So we stay for only one night even if we booked three nights. So we have canceled this and book another hotel in Limone sul Garda. Again at the lake Garda. More about this soon on the blog.

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