Italian roadtrip part 1

As you probely know, I’ve did a roadtrip across Italy a couple of days ago. And now you will be spammed with a lot of Italy photos. Sorry not sorry 😉 I can tell you it was amazing to do this. I really like Italy and everything it has. Like the lemons, people, culture, cars, food and the whole atmosphere. So this roadtrip was perfect for me. Because I had to discover a lot of places time. In this article I want to tell you more about the first part of the Italian road trip. Are you ready for it?! 

I begin with two nights at Lake Garda. This is perfect when you start from Holland. Than it will be an 12 hour drive. We did the whole drive in the night. So we arrived in the early morning. Lake Garda was a more relaxed two nights. Because we stayed at my parents in law, so we had time to get more energy after the long drive. Ofcourse I had to make some pictures over there. As you can see above. The weather was great over there, so I’ve wear my red favorite dress!! The two restaurants I can really recommand are:  Il Forte Dei Cappuccini for the best pizza Calzone with a view! The day after we can a pizza at a new place in the countryside, but I don’t know the name….

After the two nights at Lake Garda, we went to Tuscany. I always wanted to sleep in between the beautiful hills of the countryside. And this is really Italian, because it was not so touristic like other places. We sleep in a B&B in Sinalunga. It was so so nice, the lady of the house lives their with her dogs in a historical villa. I think it is the best to sleep in a B&B, because you are in between the locals, so you live the real Italian life. And you can always ask them for advice!! So we get a little paper with recommendations. The places you really need to visit are: Pienza (we had the best cheese plate ever for a fair price), Montepulciano and Cortona for the best view ever in Tuscany.

The next stop was Rome. This is my second time in Rome, so this time it was a more relaxed walking around the city two days. So that is always nice. So we had dinner in some nice places we already have visited before, like Caffe Grego. And we slept at a hotel near Colosseum, called Atlante Garden hotel which I booked at (when you click on this link you can get 25 euro pay back on a booking of minimal 50 euro, how great is that?!). We take not so many photos over there, because the weather was not so great. But it was also great to be back!! What do you think of this roadtrip so far?

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