It is time to party!

Hi girls, how are you? Hope you feel great. Have you already planned your party looks for Christmas and NYE? I do have pick my favorite look. I will definitely wear a blazer dress with these white cool blogger boots from the Goldilocks collection. Now I wear it with a sweater dress to make it comfy. What do you think of this look?

It is comfy but fashionable at the same time. I really like the combination with the white boots. You can shop them over here. How do you think you will wear this look? I saw on Instagram some really cool looks with the boots. Some people like Goldilocks wear it with a denim dress,  but you also wear it with the nude, orange looks which I love!!! And the heel is perfect, because it is not too high. So you can walk on it the whole day!

I also spot some cool shoes from the other influencer collections, like the Jolielot cowboy boots. I hope I will buy these ones soon haha! Or I hope I will find them under the Christmas tree. The boots from Whoisthatblonde are also super cool!! Both are definitely my style and I would love to wear it with a suede pants, white blouse and cardigan.

Tomorrow I am going to London!! Super excited already! Can’t wait. I still need to pack my bags, but I have some really nice new items to take with me on the trip. We are going to visit Winter Wonderland for sure and do some ice-skating at the History Museum. I think we will do the typical blogger spots haha, but also enjoy the Christmas vibes in the whole city. At the moment I am not in that Christmas vibe yet. I still can’t listen to the songs. But I think it will be alright after visiting London. Have a nice weekend girls!!!


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