I have reached my goal in life!

The name of title already said it! I have reached my ultimate goal in life. Okay ‘in life’ sound a little dramatic. But when I started this blog life I said my biggest goal would be when I will be invited to travel the world. It may be to travel to Paris or to Rome. But something I always wanted is to go to Indonesia. I have talked about this many times with my bf. Because he also want to Indonesia so badly. So when I have received that one email a week ago, my day can’t be ruined anyway!! Haha! Sooo guesss what: I am going to travel to Indonesia in one week with a travel agency. So so great. I still can not believe it. I always dreamed of that amazing hotel in Bali, which look like a dream as you can see here. A place with all the amazing palmtrees and beautiful pools. For me the best thing in Summer are palmtrees. When I see them I always get that Summer feeling. And Indonesia has a overload of palmtrees, so it would be a perfect place for me. Check also this hotel, how cool is it?! The most perfect thing I ever see. Have you ever been to Bali in your life. Do you have any tips for me? And in which hotel did you sleep? I think all of them looks absolutely amazing. See here some other beautiful hotel. Together with Booking.com I can give you, after your payment and stay at the accommodation, a 25 euro pay back on a booking from 50 euro. How great is that?! The only thing you need to do is click on the link and book your favorite hotel. After the booking is finished  and payed, you received the 25 euro back. So don’t forget to use it because it saves you some money and that is always nice. Oh and stay tuned on my Instagram to see some amazing photos in a week. I am already sooo excited for it!! Have a great day!


In collaboration with Booking.com

Photo credit: @taramilktea / other credits are unknown.


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  1. juli 9, 2018 / 5:02 pm

    Zoo ongelofelijk gaaf zeg! Heel erg veel plezier en ik zie je foto’s vanzelf weer verschijnen!

    • mariekekazen
      juli 11, 2018 / 10:42 am

      Jaa dankjewel!! 🙂

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