Hotspot: Altijd In De Buurt


Altijd in de Buurt – Weena 709, Rotterdam

I’m always looking for new hotspots and when I saw this on my Instagram. I definitely need to check it out. This place looks so cool and it is perfect as a workplace. There are many different seats, so when you are with a lot of people there is a cool seat for you or only you two at a romantic seat at the loft. Look at those pancakes, they look so delicious. And they were delicious haha 😉 I choose for the disco dip, but there was also something with caramel/chocolate, apple/cinnamon or blueberry. And there are more things on the menu I need to try out. But it is in the centre of the city, at the left of Central Station. So I will definitely come back any time.

What do you think of this cool hotspot or do you know other new hotspots in Rotterdam? Let me know 😉 Love.


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