Holiday Mood

Off shoulder top Zaful // Short ZARA // Sunglasses Kapten & Son // Jewelry OhSoHip 

Here’s today’s look! Well this is the first look, I’ve already changed once for the beach and will soon change again for dinner… 😉 Clothes clothes and more clothes, I love it! This door is just insane, so beautiful blue and perfect with flowers. I would’ve loved to have this in my own city, haha! Would’ve liked to have my morning coffee in a cute outfit sitting in this magical wall, look just like vacation 😉 We just got back to dinner, now I have some time before we’re off for sleep. Everyone is on vacation right now and in beautiful place. I hope I can do that too in a couple of months. Hope you’re having a nice evening and I’ll talk to you soon, lots of love <3


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