Gold baby, solid gold

Hi everyone. And again long time not talk. Making blogpost is not in my system yet. But I really like to do it, so I need to do it more often. Let me know what you would like to read. Maybe I can write more informative blogpost. Maybe about how I started and what I learned so far from blogging and social media. That seems nice to me to read for you guys. Now more talk about these amazing skincare products. You know I am a Baborista right?! I really like the products of Babor a lot. And especially when you come in beautiful packages, hihi ! Look at these pretty ones. The packaging is round and white gold. You can find them here. I have not try it yet, because it didn’t finish my last face cream from Babor. But it sounds really great. Now I am almost ready for the weekend. First I need to finish some work and than I am ready to relax! Not clear what i am going to do this weekend, but I need to make some photos and I need to edit some photos, so enough to do!! And trying my new camera again. I am so happy with it. Because look at the photos. They are so much better right now. The quality is great!! What do you think?

In collaboration with Babor


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