Getting lost in Kinderdijk

Top from Aaiko by Jeroen Beekman

Maybe it looks like I am still on vacay when you checked my Instagram. But no, I am already back…. at cloudy Holland as you can see above. But I am keeping the vacay mood with eatings some tropical fruits. I really like these nectarines. And they look good on photos! 😉 On Sunday I have visit Kinderdijk. It is very near to my home, but so so beautiful! Okay for me not so beautiful as Italy, but right now it looks nice when it is Summer. I wear a blouse from Aaiko by Jeroen Beekman. How beautiful is it?! It has a very cute detail on the back. Do you already know Jeroen Beekman? It is a Dutch online store + several stores in some cities. They has amazing brands like: 10 days, Anna van Toor and Aaiko! So nice. Shop everything here. I wear the top with a white culotte and platform sneakers. What do you think of this look? And what do you think of my new blogposts? I want to do something more creative. So I make something like little moodboards. Let me know what you think!


In collaboration with Jeroen Beekman 


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