Get dressed up!

It is that thing again you need to think about what to wear for Festive season. Okay now I do not look so festive, because it my boots and big scarf. But I really like to wear glitter these days to sheer everything up when the days are dark before XMAS. I picked out some of my favorites for you at Shopbop. So you will be the best-dressed guest ever!

We start with picking out a dress. The dresses of Zac Posen are absolutely my favorite. First I need to save some money before I can buy this, but how magical are they? Second step will be the shoes. Are you wearing heels or something more comfy. Our Christmas diner is not so fancy so I will wear something comfy, but the heels from Sam Edelman are goals. After that we put on some jewelry, more we you dress up a little basic and less when you wear a lot of glitter already. Have a great XMAS diner with your friends and family! Kisses!


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