Foodora Food tour The Hague

Some of photos are made by @santacizevska

Hey loves! How are you doing? Hope you´re all doing great! I just had a calm day today, a few days back this cosy food tour with Foodora. Which was amazing!! Just look at the cool places. First we had some fish tapas at Speakers Corner, which was delicious. It is a neo-bistro in The Hague. Than we had a veggie burger and some curry at my new favorite place: Club Vers. Such a cool place near at The Hague HS. And the last place for dessert was amazing. Some cheesecake with orange liqueur. An amazing evening. Thank you so much for this Foodora. I met so many lovely new people and all the food was amazing. Now I am going to Rotterdam to shoot some photo’s I think. But the weather sucks. It is so grey, I want sun right now 😉   Have a great Sunday loves! Talk soon.


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