First things first, getting a mattress for the new house

Mattress from

Good morning everyone. The house is almost ready so we already ordered the first things for the house. Last Saturday we have order the sofa and now the mattress is already here. How cool is this one. And it feels sooo great. I really like it. So soft, can’t wait to sleep on it. Maybe a first sleep over here at the house, haha! But the kitchen still is not ready… This mattress from is the world’s most comfortable foam mattress. A unique layer system combined with our new-generation memory foam provides a cooler and more relaxed sleeping surface – with just the right support. So it would be perfect for my bf, who has back problems and who is always so warm in bed especially when Summer. So it is great to have this one in the new home. I think we will moving-in in about two months or something. So nice after four years of hard working. How about you? Still living with your parents or do you also work on a new home? Let me know.


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