Festival outfit ready!

Shoes from Sacha

Good morning girls. How are you? Hope you feel great. Have you already visit some cool festivals? I have visit zero festivals at all. But I have been on holiday for a long time, so no free time left for festival. Butttt I am ready when I will  be at an upcoming festival with my new shoes from Sacha. How cool are they. It is something like a tiger print. But different from other tiger prints. I really like them. And they walk great!! And that is something really important on festival, when you walk and dance your ass off 😉 These loafers (sandalen) can be wear with a lot of colors, because it has blue, white, orange, yellow and black in it. But today I wear it with a cute jumpsuit with some ruffles on the shoulders. I think it gives the outfit a little more spice with these loafers. Oehh and how delicious looks this candyfloss?! Pink and blue in one, so cool!  These photos are made at the fair in my little hometown. It is always fun to visit a fair, and nice to make photos with all those beautiful colors. But now on the the whole theme of my photos: festival. Which festival are you going to visit next? I really wanted to the flying dutch. Because I have visit it some years ago when they start it for the first time. But I didn’t know when it the tickets were on sale and everything is sold out so quickly. Haha, I am not so at it!! I never know when the ticket sale starts. Oh I forgot to mention something really nice. Sacha has a big sale going on! Discount to 50% off. So nice. So these loafers are very cheap at the moment. Happy shopping girls.

In collaboration with Sacha Shoes


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