Feel like a mermaid

Good morning! How are you today? Hope you feel great. Look at my amazing watch from Mermaid Stories. Do you already know this brand, Mermaid Stories a very new studio based in Copenhagen that has first launched its first collection in november 2016.
The inspiration behind the brand is to embrace the eclectic personality of Copenhagen and to add some mermaid sparkle to Scandinavian simplicity. They also get inspired a lot by art and creative women, and discover their stories on our blog where we focus on #timeforcreativesouls. The watches are made with straps of super soft vegetable tanned leather that only gets more beautiful over time and develops its own patina. Since many women like it not to “feel” their watches too much all the time, we made them very light-weight as well. And the mermaid customers especially like the peony pink watch box they receive 🙂 They care a lot about details, perfumed boxes and nice details in the packaging because they are convinced that every order from us should be received like a gift with confetti feeling. Sound really cool right? Get your own watch here.

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