Beau de l’Or – Divine Sensation spray to give your skin a natural glow

Beau de l’Or – Divine spray (here)

Hi girls ! Happy Saturday. At the ‘proefparade‘ I discover this innovative spray: Divine spray. I met Laurette Nijenbandring de Boer, owner of beauty salon Beau de L’Or in Amsterdam. Laurettes dream was to created a product which you can use any time to refresh and give care to the face, neck and hands. It takes 8 years to develop a formula which meets all the requirements. So it is a very unique beauty spray. You can wear it on your day cream or/and liquid makeup. The spray can be used  after a long meeting, during or after a trip or sports effort. The convenient size (20 ml) makes the spray easy to carry on in a handbag. And it also is allowed to spray on airplanes. It will softens, refreshes and lift the skin with a natural glow always and everywhere.

The price of the spray maybe is not so cheap, because the spray is €24.95. But on the other hand, it is a unique product that is developed with care and has a multiple effects. It also has a special aroma of Divine Sensation so it can be combined with perfume or eau de toilette. It contains o.a. bergamot, rose, violet, cedar, sandalwood and amber which created a floral, light fragrance.

I can really recommend the spray. It gives my skin an amazing glow and I think it is perfect to wear on hot- or after busy days. You can order the product of the website of Beau de l’Or one of the selected beauty salons. Check them here.

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