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Hello February. First day of a new month. How was your January. Did you some exciting new things? Did you followed your dream or was this month not so good? A good workbook will help you plan things. When you started a new company, catching up with a lot of nice people or when you are busy with school. This workbook from Jo & Judy is perfect for all these things. It has space to write down your projects every week. And you write down you monthly transactions and bills to pay every month. You can even write your meetings in it. I can really recommend this workbook, because it is perfect for what I do and I think there are a lot of people who want this too. Because I am a student I use always a planner from August to June, but they were not so easy to use like this one! I also have some cool and pretty documents clips and some pretty postcards. I love it! Especially the pink collection, but when you don’t like pink they also have a dark blue and a grey collection. Now I need to do some emails and stuff! Have a nice day. Kisses



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