Clean your skin with Garner SkinActive

Garnier Micellaire pinkgreen 

Taking care of your skin and especially the skin of your face is so important. There will be never a day when I don’t clean up my face and remove my makeup. It is such an important thing to do. The first thing I always do is remove my makeup with an oily makeup remover. After that I will clean the rest of my face with this Garnier Micellaire gel cleaner. You can also remove your makeup, but an oily product is much easier. The Micellaire gel cleaner is a perfect product to get away from dirt, makeup and oil from your face. Because Micellaire is like a magnet and takes all the dirt of your face. So you can clean your face in a soft way, without having to rub really hard. Sounds great right? Do you want to try this amazing product? You can find the links in the description above. Have an amazing Thursday! Kisses


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