10 best things to do in Curacao

Have you ever been to Curacao before? When you are planning  a new trip you definitely need to think about this amazing island. Here are some of my best place you need to go to;

  • Sea Aquarium at Mambo Beach; here you can see the greatest dolphin shows ever! Everything looks so amazing. You can buy a ticket for the whole day and watch all the shows, feed the sharks or swim with dolphins.
  • Playa Grandi; this was my favorite place of the whole vacay. Because we went snorking a little and then they throw aways fish in the sea and the sea turtles came to eat is. It was so crazy to come so close to them. And I made this amazing shot, how cool !
  • Playa Kalki; the sand was so white I needed to wear a sunglasses, haha! This is a smaller beach where you can eat and take lot of photos of the white beach and the crystal clear water.
  • Playa Grandi Kenepa (grote knip); a nice big beach to rend some sunbeds and chill a little. And it has a great viewpoint!
  • Tugboat; here you see the most beautiful fishes ever. There was a boat underwater and this was so great to see. Such a cool experience. Here you can chill and take dive lessons.
  • Ostrich farm; take the safari car to drive across the ostriches, and they also have parrots, monkey and a lot of other animals. Nice to do when the weather is cloudy ūüėČ
  • Playa Porto Mari; you know the beach from photos at the Malidives with those pigs in the water. Here they also have them. But when I came here they were only on the beach and not in the sea so I couldn’t take photos of them…
  • Hato caves; want to do something more cultural? Visit the Hato caves is a great experience. It is not under ground, but first you need to take 50 steps to come here. And it is not cold, but very hot haha! Amazing to see this!
  • Kokomo beach; go on the swing and take a lot of photos. There is also a great restaurant to lunch and the entrance is so beautiful. I think it is a very popular spot!
  • Klein Curacao; take a boat (Miss Ann or Mermaid boat trips) to go to this little island at the coastline of the east. The water is so crystal clear and the beaches really white. You can visit the old lighthouse or the washed up boat. We took the Miss Ann boat trip and I can really recommend this! We had breakfast and lunch with the whole group on the beach, which was great!


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Take a Fall break, go to paradise!

Craving to have the Summer back, haha! Okay that sounds really dramatic. But I like Summer, I like the clothes, the temperature ofcourse, beaches and all that stuff. But something you didn’t know if that I am going to the Caribien in about two weeks. And I am soooo excited for that. We are going with the whole family to Curacao! Did you already know that island. Some of you didn’t know it, but it looks like paradise. And they talk a little like Dutch. So that is also really great. We checked Booking.com for the best place to stay. And there are so many great accemondations. We always book everything by Booking.com, but than you are sure you will pay the best price. And I have something great. When you book something by this link. You can get after the booking 25 euro payback!!! How nice is that?! (bookings from 50 euro). When you book something what are the most important things to you? Let me know in the comment section!


Have a great weekend!

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A little get-away in eigen land!

¬†Little get-away vlakbij huis. Deze dagen mag ik voor twee nachtjes in dit leuke huisje verblijven. En het is echt enorm dichtbij huis!! Het huisje staat namelijk bij het Stayokay hostel in Dordrecht in de Biesbosch. En hoe tof is dit concept! Het zijn hele stijlvolle Wikkelhouses gemaakt van gerecycled karton. En het heeft ook nog eens zijn eigen sanitair. We gaan wel helemaal back to basic, want er is geen WiFi of een televisie. Het is immer de bedoeling om helemaal ‘uit’ te staan en volledig te kunnen genieten van het hier en nu.

Locatie en faciliteiten.

De Wikkelhouses staat bij het Stayokay hostel in de Biesbosch. Het is een hele mooie locatie, want als je de deuren open doet kijk je uit op een stukje rivier van de Merwede. En hoe mooi is het vooral nu wanneer het langzaam aan herfst begint te worden. Ik krijg nu al zin om lekker pasta te maken in het keukentje en het in de buitenlucht op te eten. Wat zo fijn is aan deze lodge is dat je dus je eigen keuken hebt en dus zelf een ontbijtje of een lunch kan klaarmaken. Wat ik al vertelde is dat de lodge beschikt over eigen sanitair, nu het al iets kouder begint te worden is het ideaal om ook lekker warm binnen te blijven.


Wat ik ook zo leuk vind aan de ‘Wikkelhouses’ is dat het echt enorm leuk is ingericht. Het is heel stijlvol in de trend van nu gemeubileerd en het past perfect bij de omgeving. Vanaf de bank kijk je uit op de mooie omgeving van de Biesbosch. Je kunt met vier personen in de lodge slapen, want er is een tweepersoons- en een stapelbed. Zou je het nou ook heel tof vinden om hier een weekendje te slapen? Je kan hier een reservering maken!

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Things you don’t want to miss in Bali

Arrived on Bali!

After the amazing Caci Dance, which you can see here in my Flores guide. We slept for one night in a hotel in Labuan Bajo. We wake up very early in the morning the catch the flight back to the island Bali. Another hour in this cute little Garuda Indonesia plane. It is so nice to have food even on the smallest flight. I never had so many food during travelling. After arriving on Bali we went straight to the first stop. The Pomegranate cafe in the middle of the rice fields. I had my 798534ste fresh young coconut again. The place is so beautiful. The whole cafe is open and without any windows. You need to go barefoot and they have those cute tables and seats on the ground. Around this cafe you have a lot of beautiful Airbnb’s. I think this is a great area to stay when you are in Bali.

So I had a young coconut for drink and an amazing kind of tapas plate for lunch. It taste soo good. It was a combination of some dimsum, sushi and other Indonesia food, really nice. The next stop was a coffee place called Seniman Coffee. But the traffic was crazy, it takes you 2 hours to only drive maybe 50km. So we decided to go to the famous rice fields. This was not on the program, but the team including me really wanted to visit this spot. So our amazing guides took us with the bus to the swings and nice shops. And how amazing is this. Ofcourse we had to try the swing and we took this beautiful photo. I was a little nervous, because it is really high above the ricefields and all the people. But is an amazing experience. You need to try it!

The other photo is something Asya and me created in her hotel room, haha! We saw some nice photos of girls in a flower bath. And ofcourse we can’t leave Bali without taking one. So Asya ordered some flowers at the reception of our resort. And we made this in her room, because my room didn’t had a bathtub. It was so funny, the water was really hot and I was the first one to try it out. But because I was the first one Asya was trying a lot of things out to get the best spot. So after a half hour my face was red like crazy, because the water was extremely hot, haha! But the result is amazing. I am so happy with it. You can follow Asya over here. Oh our resort is called Montigo resort. And we had dinner at Warung Eropa, a cute little place who has the best cripsy duck!




Ice ice baby

If you think it can’t be better.. We also visit Madpops, haha! So our resort is in Seminyak. And that little town is famous because of all the amazing shops and nice colorful restaurants. We had a little spare time, so we decided to search around for some souvenirs, like jewelry. I am the crazy one who always has something in mind what I want to buy, but when looking for they didn’t sell it… Haha, so this time I was searching around for a gold ring with a shell. But I couldn’t find it anywhere, as usual. So than we saw this amazing icecream spot, called: Mad Pop. This is officially the only Insta-worthy spot we have visit in Seminyak, haha. So proud of us. The icecream of Mad Pops is vegan and coconut based. It is nice and it looks nice, but I still prefer Italian gelato. It is not so creamy and it is a weird structure.

The day after we went to a local market, which was super nice. Because this is something I didn’t see on Instagram. So it is amazing to explore tht kind of spots. Our guide wanted to show us where the locals buys their food. After that we went to the biggest tree ever, which you maybe already saw on my Instagram here. It is a cool spot. The tree is around 500 years old. And I received so many question from you guys where you can find this spot. But I still don’t know the name…. The guide took us to a Indonesia village, where he show us how people live over there, and what they do in their spare time. Like make coconut oil, or make those flower baskets from palmleaves. I like to do those culture things. The place is called; Rumah Desa. We had a cooking class, where we made typical Indonesia dishes. During the food was in the kitchen we have visited the beautiful gardens. And wow that was so crazy. I have visited those tropical gardens in Amsterdam. And it feels weird to be their. But this was a real jungle. It was so beautiful. We walked over a bridge made of palm leaves. You need to rewatch my stories in my highlights to see everything. The garden also had those beautiful stones like this one on the picture on the left.¬†After half a hour it was time for lunch. We had our selfmade Indonesia dishes and it was so perfect. It is really nice to visit Rumah Desa to get that Indonesia cultural vibes.


In the evening before dinner we visited Uluwatu temple. A beautiful place on top of rocks. There were so many monkeys, they were so cute. And they were not afraid of people at all! But is was a really busy place. I think it is the best to visit is early in the morning. But when we went there the light was amazing because it was almost sunset, so that is also beautiful to see. At the Uluwatu temple they also did the Ketac fire dance. This is one thing you really need to visit when you have some spare time. It is really cool and impressive to see. A circle of men sit and chant in almost a hypnotic state as the performance goes on around them, never missing a beat. The men joined by princesses, kings and a magical monkey. It is exactly how it sounds. One of the moments I will never forget.


After the dance performance we went to Jimbaran beach cafe. It were tables on the beach where we had the most amazing fish ever. It was so magical, because we only had some candlelights and a lot of fish, like crab, white fish, shrimps, some kind of shells. It was delicious.


The last two days were more chill. But ofcourse we planned some amazing things ourselves. The first day we went to Body works spa to have a hour massage. I have never had a massage in my life, so this was really great. And it also is an beautiful spot. When you choose for the one hour massage you will have a full body one and when  you choose for the two hour one you will also get a flower bath in the massive bathtubs in the massage rooms. It is so amazing. I was so sleepy after the session. After that we went to Nook for lunch, were I had pasta. This place is also beautiful and a little Ibiza themed with a cute little puppy as you can see on the photo. I need to take a picture of this cute little one. The lunch was amazing ofcourse, as all of the food in Indonesia is really nice.

In the evening it was time for our farewell dinner. Because of the crazy traffic we didn’t had time to swim in this amazing place called Omnia. They have amazing infinity pools and cool music. I will definitely come back another time. After some dancing, photographing, and snacking, haha we went upstairs to the restaurant; Saka Ohana were we had the best food ever. The first course was sushi, after that amazing salmon and as desort some beautiful styled icecreams. You need to check this place out.

The last morning we really want to visit a waterfall. So we went super early in the morning to the Tegenungan waterfall. It was so magical, because as I already said we went super early so there was nobody else and we wait until the sun was coming up. After a dip in the water and taking tons of photos, we went back to the resort to grab some breakfast before our visit to Mrs Sippy. Over there we had lunch and some free time to swim in the pool. This is also a beautiful place. I think I saids a lot of beautiful and amazing , haha! After that it was time to go to the airport to leave… I had the most wonderful time over there!! A big thanks to the amazing Garuda Indonesia and Indonesia Travel to make this dream come true.

You can find more info over here. For more beautiful places in Indonesia check this website; Indonesia Travel. Book your own #Explore WonderfulIndonesia trip here -> Garuda Indonesia

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Best things to do around Flores

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