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Just get some air with Lamzac

Fatboy Lamzac  // Dress Rosegal Surprise code: RGEN // criss cross crop top 

Yeah, I just had an amazing weekend! Yesterday it was so sunny. So I grab my Lamzac out for a beach day. Do you already know this cool thing? Lamzac® the original is the one and only air lounger for all your adventures. Simple to inflate, just swing the lightweight bag to fill it with air and create a life size air lounger. It comes with a handy small backpack so you can take it anywhere you want. It is easily deflated, and stored in a small package. Take it out of the bag and scoop up the air. Wrap it up and click the closure together. You’re ready to lounge. Once you’re done, let the air out. Roll it up and you’re good to go.

A very comfortable seat or sofa for two. It stays inflated for a very long time and is the perfect lounger to chill, relax, rest, or sleep. Hangout anywhere. For all your activities indoor and outdoor. Travelling. Festivals. Beach trips. Ski trips. The lightweight but strong and durable fabric will ensure that you can use the Lamzac® the original over and over again. Prepare to take your Lamzac with you, everywhere you go.


The perfect balayage by Team Kappers Sliedrecht

The perfect balayage by Team Kappers

The most annoying thing everyday is to do my hair. Because it will not stay where I want it will be. I don’t have volume or a little bit wavy hair. And the color is also very difficult to do it here at home. My hair will gets very orange because of the warmth in my hair. But now I found the perfect place to make my hair amazing. You can see the before photo (second one) and the after. What a difference. The color is so much better right now. Okay I need to wash it with Silver Shampoo to hold on the cold tone, but the hair transition (from dark blonde to blonde) is so much better. The tone on the top of my head is the same as my own color and we did some light blonde and a little bit darker tones in my hair to make it as a balayage. After the amazing color you can also do a touch up (uitblinker) for only €15.00. I picked the curly one. What do you think? I like it a lot. Go to their website and find out where the nearest hairdresser is. Have a great evening.

Surprise your dad with Hemd voor Hem

in collaboration with Hemd voor Hem

Sunday 18 June is the day, we can our fathers be pampered. Whether you’re doing a dinner party gift, a good book or perhaps a new tie – the best part is, of course, a gift with a personal touch.  As Father’s Day is around the corner, Hemd voor hem has given me the opportunity to surprise my father with a drip-dry shirt. Do you already know this webshop? Their specialty are shirts, because they have a vert extensive collection in the webshop. But not only normal shirts, they have mainly ironing free shirts, though there are some exceptions, such as for example OLYMP Level 5, these are extra easy care because they are just not quite complete drip-dry from the washing machine. In addition, you will find an ever growing collection with other garments for him. For example, they have ties in all kinds of colors and motifs, but also an extensive collection of men’s sweaters in a variety of styles and models of the same brands as where our shirts of his. So shop till you drop for your dad! Have a great Sunday

10 things to do on a sunny day

Hi babes! How are you. I feel great. I love these sunny days. It’s a perfect time to do the things that you love most, and the things that you have been planning to try. A hot sunny day can make you feel irritated without a reason, but a warm sunny day is just perfect. I am going to give you a list of 10 things you can do on a warm sunny day.

  1. Stroll down the park; It is a perfect time to take a stroll down the park, either alone or with someone. The right warmth that the day can give is just enough to make you feel so alive and make your spirits high.
  2. Visit a garden; When was the last time that you visited your garden? It is high time to get acquainted to it once more and feel that same old feeling when you first decided to have such a gorgeous garden. Gardening can bring calming feeling, perhaps due to the presence of some aromatic plants, the scent combinations of plants, or the harmonious blending of colors.
  3. Swimming; It is nice to take a plunge in a clear blue sea or a lovely swimming pool. It might just be the thing that will make you re-kindle the passion for swimming and start a good workout.
  4. Visit old friends; The day is just right to take a trip down the road and visit old friends and relatives and talk about the good old days. Like an old shoe that can give you the most comfortable feel, an old friend is someone you can always feel comfortable with and someone reliable in depressing times.
  5. Have a picnic; Have a picnic with family and friends. Sharing a great meal with the people you treasure can be all worth it.
  6. Try photography; Try your luck with photography. Most people begin with raw talent; you will never know what you are capable of doing unless you try.
  7. Learn surfing or wake boarding; Enjoying some fun water activities, are best for warm days.
  8. Have a barbecue; Have a barbecue with the people dear to you, and boast your improved cooking skills
  9. Write something down; Take your trusted laptop out in the park, find inspiration from your surroundings, and begin to write about something. You might discover the inner writer in you.
  10. Make some refreshments; Prepare some cold refreshments like smoothies, ice cream sandwiches, or fruit shakes and enjoy them outside.