Sit back and relax with the tea from Tastea + discountcode!

Tastea Ibiza Feelings

“Imagine yourself in the sunny and always cheerful Ibiza with our special. The 100% natural Ibiza tea can support the typical island feeling: Relaxation, joy and enjoyment.” This time I was not in Ibiza, but again at Lago di Garda. At the same place as in Spring. The weather was so great, so I drank this tea while having break of tanning at the pool. The cup is super easy to use, because the tea didn’t come in bags so you can put it in the filter above. So you can take it away or drink at at the campsite, like it do! And the best thing ever is; you can shop the tea and the cup with 10% off with the code; MARIEKE10 at (valid from 12th until 19th of September). How great is that?! They don’t only have this Ibiza Feelings tea, there is also a detox one and one especially to make your hair and nails stronger. You need to check their website for more info.

In collaboration with Tastea

Styling my new bedroom with the posters from Desenio

Ciao Bella // Disassembled camera // Flower Fence Neighbours // Scoop it Up // Swimming Girl

Finally the new home is almost ready. Okay almost ready with rebuilding. After that we need to do the styling! But that will be fun I think. Especially to style it with these amazing posters from Desenio. I have picked these out because we already have some pinkish color on the wall with marble paint. Can you see it? it is ofcourse not really like marble, but this is how they call it. It will be more used at Italian homes. So that was the thing I have keep in mind while picking out these posters. I wanted to have some Italian styles ones. I like the words; ‘Ciao Bella’. So this was one I picked out for sure. Than I like those beautiful pastel colored buildings. I wish we had them also over here in the Netherlands. It is so beautiful with the tiny balconies. The one with flowers fits perfectly with the yellow building, because it seems like it is the same fence. Ofcourse I had to pick the icecream poster. It looks so amazing on marble with the gold frame. Which one is your favorite? Now you can shop all the poster and frames with 25% off with the code; MARIEKEKAZEN from 11 until 13 September (except for the ‘handpicked’ and ‘collaboration’ frames and posters). Follow @desenio for more inspiration. Can’t wait to style the rest of the house. I also really like the kitchen posters from Desenio. I think it looks so beautiful with our white and black kitchen with those green walls. Happy shopping everyone.


First things first, getting a mattress for the new house

Mattress from

Good morning everyone. The house is almost ready so we already ordered the first things for the house. Last Saturday we have order the sofa and now the mattress is already here. How cool is this one. And it feels sooo great. I really like it. So soft, can’t wait to sleep on it. Maybe a first sleep over here at the house, haha! But the kitchen still is not ready… This mattress from is the world’s most comfortable foam mattress. A unique layer system combined with our new-generation memory foam provides a cooler and more relaxed sleeping surface – with just the right support. So it would be perfect for my bf, who has back problems and who is always so warm in bed especially when Summer. So it is great to have this one in the new home. I think we will moving-in in about two months or something. So nice after four years of hard working. How about you? Still living with your parents or do you also work on a new home? Let me know.


Earrings (here) // Valentine’s Card (here) // Top (here) // Mugs (here) // Bag (here) // iPhone case (here) // Lipstick (here) // Body (here) // Heart pastry (here) // Polaroid camera (here

Hi there girls! Valentines Day is almost on the corner! When it comes to me it is so hard to find nice gifts for your boyfriend, because girls likes so many more things: makeup, books, pretty tops and everything pink. So now I decided to help you a little with this gift guide. You can give your boyfriend a gift, but you can also do it in another way this year. Dress yourself up with a beautiful baby blue body, put some red hot lipstick on, grab your red heart bag and write the most sweetest Valentines Day card for him on


Dare you write a love card? I’ve never dared to do it myself. Or I forget to do it. Luckily Greetz has the service that you can order it until 13 February 22:00. What a great and quick service. Pick your favorite card amount the 500 different pieces, and when you are so creative yourself. You can take an amazing photo and upload it into your love card.  But oeh, how excited would it be to skip your name, so he can guess by his own from who he gets the love card….


Love goes through the stomach. So when you want to surprise your boyfriend even more, than you can order on Greetz, beside your card, a delicious heart cake. How cool is that?! I really can recommend the donuts and the bavarois. And the best of all they have cool delivery in our whole country. You can order a day before Valentine’s Day. This Valentine’s Day will be a one he will never forget.

Cadeautip: Foto op canvas van CanvasCompany

Foto op Canvas 

Hi girls, nog maar 34 dagen en dan is het al kerst. Ik ben zelf al druk bezig met de voorbereidingen: content creëren die je alvast in de stemming brengt, cadeau ideeën verzamelen en nog veel meer andere leuke dingen die je vanzelf voorbij ziet komen op mijn Instagram. Deze keer wil ik je wat vertellen over deze ontzettend leuke cadeautip: een persoonlijk foto op canvas.  Zelf maak ik elke week waanzinnig veel foto’s voor social media, maar eigenlijk kijk ik er maar zelden op terug. Wat natuurlijk enorm zonde is, want ik heb juist dit jaar zoveel leuke dingen gedaan en mooie reisjes gemaakt. Daarom heb ik ervoor gekozen om een foto te kiezen van mijn weekend in Barcelona. Kan je nou niet goed kiezen welke foto jij op het canvas wil laten drukken, dan kan je ook nog gaan voor een collage bij Canvas Company. En dat niet alleen, ze hebben ook een ruim aanbod wanddecoratie: van foto behang tot aan een foto op plexiglas. Super veel keus! Ook is mijn foto op canvas van een hele goede kwaliteit, want ik had gedacht dat als ik een foto van mijn telefoon zou kiezen dat de kwaliteit misschien een stukje minder zou zijn, maar via de mail houden ze je op de hoogte of de foto er wel mooi op gedrukt kan worden. Wat voor een foto zou jij kiezen om te laten drukken op een canvas doek? En ben jij ook al druk bezig met het verzamelen van leuke cadeautjes voor kerst? Let me know <3