Weekend get-away in Italy

I am back again after some days in Italy. I had a really nice time again. The weater was perfect and we finally had some relaxing days at the pool. We slept at my parents in law at the same campsite as every year; Bella Italia. But it is always nice over there, because Peschiera (a small cute town) is very near by and the restaurants are also very nice. You can easily book the campsite here. Together with Booking.com I can give you, after your payment and stay at the accommodation, a 25 euro pay back on a booking from 50 euro. How great is that?! The only thing you need to do is click on the link and book your favorite hotel. After the booking is finished  and payed, you received the 25 euro back. So don’t forget to use it because it saves you some money and that is always nice. The first days we went to Verona to shop at a vintage market, which was amazing. I bought a beautiful sunglasses from Dior!! And the days after we spend more time around the campsite and visiting the morning market in Peschiera. But now back to reality and work! Have a great new week!


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Italian roadtrip part 2

Hi girls. In some of my last blogposts I talked with you about my Italian roadtrip. Right now it is already two weeks ago. Time flies! But I know many of you wanted to go to do a roadtrip through Italy. I have received some many questions about it. So here it is part 2 of a blogpost with some tips. I am thinking about doing another blogpost with only recommended places etc. Because I think it would be very easy for you guys to copy past to your notes on your phone. So if there still is something you know. Feel free to ask and maybe I will write it down in my next Italian roadtrip post.

After 1.5 week in Lake Garda, Tuscany and Rome we stop in the Amalfi Coast. It is very easy to drive and not so far away from Rome. Okay you think it is not so far away from Rome when you look at the map. But because of the roads in the Amalfi coast 8 kilometer will take maybe 20 minutes. We booked a hotel in Praiano. Of course we wanted to have a hotel in Positano. But we were very late with booking so there were not so many fair price hotels available. But Praiano is great when you want to visit the Amalfi Coast. We stayed at Casa Stella Marina and we booked it with Booking.com. It is a very cosy little hotel,  looks like some apartments and you need to do the check in at the hotel next to it. Oh if you want to book a hotel by Booking.com, you definitely need to book it by this link. Because than you will get 25 euro back on bookings from 50 euro. So great right?! But you will only get it by clicking on the link. If you want to visit the Amalfi Coast Praiano will be great because it is in the middle of Positano en Amalfi. But when you will stay a little longer over there. I can recommend Amalfi more. I have visit it by scooter but it is more cosy and vibrant as Praiano. Praiano is very small and more for locals. More about Amalfi soon on the blog as I already told you!

After the Amalfi coast we have visit Ischia, a little island near Naples. Ischia is a very nice and a less expensive island especially you will come from Positano. Positano is so touristic and many expensive hotels, so when you will visit Ischia it is so much better. We want to take the ferry from Pozzuoli to park the car over there. Because the ferry with a car is of course a higher price when you don’t take the car with you. So at home I searched around where we can park the car and I saw it was possible to park the car everywhere you want or at the big parking station in front of the ferry. But the thing is when we came there it was not possible. Everywhere we look it was only for 2 hours max. So we thought what can we do.. So we take the car in the ferry.. Okay it was maybe better because than we can bring all our luggage and park the car in front of the hotel. But when this is a tip for you guys. It is not so easy than it seems. Haha, okay I can write a whole blogpost about every place we have visit to prepare you for everything. But that thing is very important to know.


First we stayed at a little B&B in Ischia. It was so, so nice. I love it when we stayed at small place because we live with the locals and you can get tips of them. The B&B called Villa Araucaria. You definitely need to visit this place when you are Ischia and I will come back when ever visit the island again. After the one night we stayed at a bigger hotel. Okay it was because I saw this one on Pinterest and it looks so beautiful. But after the stay I know why there were some people who where visiting this place. It is because it also a beach club. So you can have a drink and swim here when you are at Ischia. But the rooms are also very great and beautiful. So I can also recommend this place, called Giardino Eden.


After Ischia we drove to Como meer and we didn’t had a good experience over there. So we stay for only one night even if we booked three nights. So we have canceled this and book another hotel in Limone sul Garda. Again at the lake Garda. More about this soon on the blog.

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Italian roadtrip part 1

As you probely know, I’ve did a roadtrip across Italy a couple of days ago. And now you will be spammed with a lot of Italy photos. Sorry not sorry 😉 I can tell you it was amazing to do this. I really like Italy and everything it has. Like the lemons, people, culture, cars, food and the whole atmosphere. So this roadtrip was perfect for me. Because I had to discover a lot of places time. In this article I want to tell you more about the first part of the Italian road trip. Are you ready for it?! 

I begin with two nights at Lake Garda. This is perfect when you start from Holland. Than it will be an 12 hour drive. We did the whole drive in the night. So we arrived in the early morning. Lake Garda was a more relaxed two nights. Because we stayed at my parents in law, so we had time to get more energy after the long drive. Ofcourse I had to make some pictures over there. As you can see above. The weather was great over there, so I’ve wear my red favorite dress!! The two restaurants I can really recommand are:  Il Forte Dei Cappuccini for the best pizza Calzone with a view! The day after we can a pizza at a new place in the countryside, but I don’t know the name….

After the two nights at Lake Garda, we went to Tuscany. I always wanted to sleep in between the beautiful hills of the countryside. And this is really Italian, because it was not so touristic like other places. We sleep in a B&B in Sinalunga. It was so so nice, the lady of the house lives their with her dogs in a historical villa. I think it is the best to sleep in a B&B, because you are in between the locals, so you live the real Italian life. And you can always ask them for advice!! So we get a little paper with recommendations. The places you really need to visit are: Pienza (we had the best cheese plate ever for a fair price), Montepulciano and Cortona for the best view ever in Tuscany.

The next stop was Rome. This is my second time in Rome, so this time it was a more relaxed walking around the city two days. So that is always nice. So we had dinner in some nice places we already have visited before, like Caffe Grego. And we slept at a hotel near Colosseum, called Atlante Garden hotel which I booked at Booking.com (when you click on this link you can get 25 euro pay back on a booking of minimal 50 euro, how great is that?!). We take not so many photos over there, because the weather was not so great. But it was also great to be back!! What do you think of this roadtrip so far?

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Must-See: Charming Navigli

Hi girls! I have some photos of Milan left. And I really wanted to share these beautiful place. This is Navigli, a charming place on the south/west of Milan. You can walk around or have an aperitivo Milanese. It is nice to there every season, with a smooth breeze on your face. There are two canals, which are called Naviglio Grande and the Naviglio Pavese (the word Naviglio itself means the Canal in Italian). Both of them are surrounded by different types of cafés, restaurants, bars, design shops, art galleries etc. Usually what we do is just to start our evening having an aperitivo in Navigli, choosing one random restaurant we’d like to sit and then head to a bar to continue our night-out! Since this district is full of options, it become the first destination! Only thing you need to do in order to reach there is to take the green line with metro and take off in the stop called Porta Genova, the second alternative is as always the tram if you’d like to enjoy the city sight at the same time in your journey. There is held the vintage bazaar every last Sunday of the month and if you are lucky you can catch it in your trip as well! It might remind you the northern canal cities like Amsterdam at the first sight. Do whatever you want in this city, but better not miss this enjoyable and cool area full of everything! Kisses x

When in Milan, visit the Museo Del Novecento (incredible view)

When in Milano, you really need to visit this amazing museum. I am not so into museums when I travel. But this one, especially at the end, is a must to visit when you are in this city. After strolling around in the big museum, I already was afraid we picked the wrong one, we finally saw the view. Because I only came here for this incredible view. So embarrassing… I recommend you to take the elevator and go straight away, because the art is not so special (for me). Oh and look at the amazing lamps, how cool are they! More about Milan is coming. I will tell you more tips and tricks. So stay tuned 😉 Have an amazing evening. Talk soon!