8 reasons why.. you need to visit Budapest


Hoorah for Budapest! The city on the Danube has so much to offer. By sipping cocktails in overly trendy bars to ultimate relaxing in one of the famous bath houses; in Hungary you can do this. And there is so much more. I can give you eight reasons to book a ticket to Eastern Europe.

# 1: Ruin Pubs
A well-known phenomenon in the nightlife of Budapest are the so-called Ruin Pubs. These are bars you will find in old buildings that are empty or broken off. Because of the success many of the ruin pubs never left. And that’s a good thing! Highly recommended for anyone who has a trip to Budapest on the planning; so write it down.

# 2: Dive in a Bath house
When you go to Budapest, you have to go to a bathhouse. The city has multiple spas; the Széchenyi Thermal Bath is the most well-known. Super nice, even in the winter you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pools. And for the party animals among us: on the Saturday evenings the bath house transformed into a veritable feast walhalla. Let’s get the party started! For photo’s of my experience click here.

# 3: Compact and easy to navigate
Budapest is a bustling city, but with a compact and concise character. So don’t worry if you only have three full days time, because you can see much in those days! On foot and on bicycle you reach easily the most beautiful corners. One of those beautiful corners has an amazing donut company inside. Have a look down here for the photo’s.

# 4: Budapest Budget city
Your stay in Budapest can be as expensive as you want, but if you don’t, then you’re very lucky: Budapest a budget Pearl. The city is not for nothing this year at number one in the ‘ Top 25 cheapest cities ‘ of Post Office Travel Money and knows next to luxury five star hotels also so much quality hostels. A dormbed is already found under the 10 euros, a double room can be found for 25 euro. Sometimes these prices including breakfast. Also eating out and cozy cocktails can fine, the prices are lower than in the Netherlands. You can see much of the city without paying anything. In a walk through the city you look your eyes out and pay you nothing at all. Would you like to visit museums, churches and other hotspots then a Budapest Card handy. You will get free admission or discount, and the discount on public transport, restaurants and other fine extras. You can find my favorite breakfast spots here.

# 5: A cheap plane ticket is so booked
In only 1.5 hours you fly to the bustling Budapest. Airline tickets to this city are dirt cheap. The cheapest way to get there is with Wizzair from Eindhoven or with Ryanair from Brussels Charleroi. But close other companies do not: look and compare. You’ll save the most if you are flexible in terms of date and you search for the perfect ticket begins with early enough. Would you like a handy and complete overview of all airline tickets to Budapest, compare the prices here

# 6: There are no ugly buildings
Really believe me, walk around in the Center and you will find really nowhere a building that is not beautiful. All around you are the buildings great, beautiful and impressive. Not just the big well-known sights are fun to look at, but also if you just walk around and got lost you encounter the most beautiful places. Check my first and second day here.
# 7: You will find the most beautiful views
Gellért hill climb just before sunset and you have in both daylight and evening a super nice views. In the evening the views are perhaps even more beautiful than that with day light is, the city is beautifully lit. Of course bring you also visit the fishermen’s bastion where you have a splendid view both daytime and evening about plague. Have you still not enough beautiful views? Climb than the Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

# 8: The Parliament building
A very good reason to visit the city: the Parliament of Hungary, based in Budapest, is for me the most beautiful building I have seen so far. It is insanely big and beautifully situated on the embankment of the Danube. Despite that I have not done, it seems to be a must to do a tour through the building, good idea for next time!


The best donuts in Budapest

Mr Funk Budapest 

Hi everyone! If you’re looking for an amazing donut hotspot in Budapest that offers special flavours, go to Mr Funk! It’s located in the center of the city. After walking around we spotted this cool place. Even though we were not so hungry, we need to try this cute ones. And look at the colorful interior, my favorite colors. Mr Funk is the perfect place to go to if you just want to relax for a bit, have something to drink and eat a donut. They also have bagels and other sweets on the menu. And Budapest is such an amazing city. For more articles about this city you can click over here. Have a wonderful day! Kisses and talk later!

Dive in the pool in Budapest


Széchenyibad Budapest 

One thing you really need to try when you are in Budapest is going to the thermal spa. This one is the biggest of the city and really beautiful named Széchenyibad. It it in the biggest green park of Budapest, the city park close to a bunch of Budapest attractions. The neo-baroque palace is specifically built for this baths. It is the perfect place to chill out, to get to know locals and it is also very healthy for your skin. The baths gives deeply beneficial effects and it is a natural medical therapy. When I walk into the spa I thought its smells so bad because of the poor hygiene, but the smell is due to the sulfur from the natural heat sources. If we had known this before we stayed a little longer haha! We rent a cabin, a cute small space to dress up and where you can leave your stuff. So when you want to relax after a busy day in the city this is the place to be. They also give parties on Saturday night. But that was our first night and you need to pay 60eur entrance.

 More Budapest articles are coming soon.

3x best breakfast spots in Budapest

Budapest is a city where there’s a lot to explore and discover, because of its heavy history and amazing architecture all around the city. Only staying a few days? Make sure to visit these 3 breakfast spots.

1. Solinfo Cafe

This is our first breakfast on the Budapest trip. After a long walk we decided to walk in this cute spot. We had no idea this one was so great. We had some delicious American pancake with sirup and some fresh fruit. They drinks were also amazing. We had an oreo cappuccino, a normal cappuccino, a smoothie and a fresh juice with strawberry. It is a store and a cafe, because the interior is for sale. So cool.

Solinfo Cafe / Wesselenyi utca 6 / Budapest 1077

2. A la Maison Breakfast and Brunch

A la Maison we found on TripAdvisor randomly. It is a new hotspot in town! It is a little bit Parisian, like a lot of hotspots here in Budapest. It looks chique, but it is a fair price. I had a croissant with vegetables, egg and meat. There also were great smoothies. I had one with mango and banana, look at the small rose on top. After that we shared some pancakes with nutella and nuts. Okay this was a food trip for sure.

A la Maison / Nador utca 5 / Budapest 1051

3. Vintage Garden

Second Parisian breakfast spot. This one is too cute. The location is also amazing for events because of the cute Parisian interior. You need to see more picture of this one. You can click on the link above. I think the real breakfast will be great,  but we were too late for that.. After half past twelve you can’t eat breakfast out here. This one was a normal breakfast: a croissant again, a fresh juice and a cappuccino. But for the whole France atmosphere you need to check this one out!

Vintage Garden / Dob utca 21 / Budapest 1074

Have you been to Budapest? What breakfast spots and other hotspots would you recommend? Curious about my first and second day in the city. Check the article here


My days in Budapest

Hey loves! I am already a week back home, but this Budapest trip has been the best trip ever. We were here for citytrip and it´s so nice to been there. It was such an relaxing week! Everyone is relaxed and friendly. The weather was great and we visit a lot. We also rent a bike to get around the city in a easy Dutch way 😉 I always thought Budapest is not my city. It will be gray and not colorful at all. But my opinion is changed after this trip. They have some really cool hotspots to visit. The city is very innovative and modern. For people from the Netherlands it is a little cheap, because normally a dinner will be 40 euro p.p. but in Budapest it is only 15 euro p.p. And for 15 euro you will get some great food and drinks. We booked an apartment with Air Bnb. It was a cosy loft with a kitchen and living room. So great! I can really recommend the city! More photos are coming soon of course. Have an amazing Friday guys!