The best thing on Saturdays

Sushi delivered by Foodora

Hi from a sunny Budapest! I don’t know how to say Hi in the language of Budapest. I sounds like a difficult language. I’ve never been to this city before. Do you ever visited Budapest? And do you have some tips? It is not a blogger type of city. With a bloggerstype I mean it is not a colorful and beachie city. Okay, but who cares haha 😉 Budapest has some impressive buildings and wonderful spas. So I think the photo’s will be amazing. Now talk about this delicious sushi. When you live in some of the big cities in NL you can order some amazing food at Foodora. I choose sushi, because I LOVE IT. Normally I eat the ‘all you can eat’ sushi, but this one is much better. And it is so easy to order. You can recognize them by the fuchsia pink bikes in the streets of Amsterdam. You only have 5 days when the delivery is for free. So hurry up and get that amazing sushi (or something else of course). Talk soon!

Healthy hotspot in Antwerp

Divers Antwerp

It took some time, but I finally found this cool healthy place where they serve the best acai bowl in Antwerp –Divers. “Divers is the new kid on the block in Antwerp, and not just some kid: the healthiest one in town.” They believe that great food and great company are crucial ingredients to the good life. The other thing I love about this place – you can have brunch at any time of the day, how perfect is that? Everyday they prepare a mouthwatering range of cold pressed juices, smoothies & soups to fill your belly. AND all the juices and foods are made by hand from real, honest and, if possible, organic ingredients free from refined sugars, additives or other nasties.

Their goals: They believe that pure, clean foods not only taste wonderful but also have healing and nutritious benefits for you. We believe that beauty starts from within so in order to feel and look at your best, you need to be feeding your body the right foods. They want you to incorporate more veggies and fruit in your daily routine – NOT to go on a crash diet (we hate diets). Just try a smoothie, soup or juice a day, and trust us – you will notice the difference!

Go check this place out 😉

All you need is a day full of chocolate – chocolate week Antwerp

more info here

Hi girls! Finally Friday! on wednesday I did a chocolate tour in Antwerp. So cool! First you get a chocolate pass. The pass contains 10 coupons. Then you can choose which places you like the most. There is also a map included with all the places. When you give one of the coupons you will get like three ‘Antwerpse handjes’, or in other stores you will get three macarons. There are also stores where you can drink a special coffee with the coupon or a bubble tea, which you can see above. The chocolate pass is 10 euro, but you will get a lot of chocolate, drinks and sweets with it. So it is definitely worth it. We also did some shopping in Antwerp, because it is really near at the centre of the city. And we make some photo’s of course at a really cool bridge. The tour will be till 12 March 2017. You can find more info in the description above. Have an amazing day! Kisses

Foodora Food tour The Hague

Some of photos are made by @santacizevska

Hey loves! How are you doing? Hope you´re all doing great! I just had a calm day today, a few days back this cosy food tour with Foodora. Which was amazing!! Just look at the cool places. First we had some fish tapas at Speakers Corner, which was delicious. It is a neo-bistro in The Hague. Than we had a veggie burger and some curry at my new favorite place: Club Vers. Such a cool place near at The Hague HS. And the last place for dessert was amazing. Some cheesecake with orange liqueur. An amazing evening. Thank you so much for this Foodora. I met so many lovely new people and all the food was amazing. Now I am going to Rotterdam to shoot some photo’s I think. But the weather sucks. It is so grey, I want sun right now 😉   Have a great Sunday loves! Talk soon.

Skinny Coffee during festive season


Skinny Coffee here

If there is one thing I need to do while Christmas is eating not too much hihi 😉 But when you have a Christmas breakfast, lunch, diner and lots of pastry… You know what I mean! So I drink Skinny Coffee during festive season. But what can Skinny Coffee do with your body? It is clinically proven that it lose weight fast and you can see visible results in just one week. And it gives you more energy without the come down, and that is what I love the most about the coffee. It also gives you an amazing skin, there are many other reasons. You can check it here if you are interested. When you join the program there will be an weight loss plan which helps you working out and eating healthy. But that is what we do after Christmas off course. I want to wish you a merry, merry Christmas everyone! Kissess

Als er één ding is wat ik niet moet doen tijdens kerst dan is het wel niet teveel eten haha 😉 Alleen helaas hebben we een kerst ontbijt, lunch, diner en ook nog eens heel veel gebak… Dus je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. Het is moeilijk om niet te veel te eten. Daarom drink ik tijdens de feestdagen Skinny Coffee. Maar wat doet dit nou precies met je lichaam? Het is klinisch bewezen dat het je helpt snel gewicht te verliezen en zichtbaar resultaat in maar één week. En het geeft je ook nog eens extra energie wat ik zelfs het fijnste vind aan de koffie. Er wordt gezegd dat het je zelfs een mooiere huid geeft en er zijn nog veel meer andere redenen. Je kan het hier bekijken. Als je begint aan het programma krijg je er ook een gratis plan bij wat je helpt om meer te bewegen en gezonder te eten. Maar dat doen we natuurlijk pas na de feestdagen. 😉 Ik wil jullie allemaal een hele fijne kerst wensen! Kisses