Favorite printed tops

Letter Bodysuit // Flag Tee // Heart Print 

Two Hearts // Rainbow Striped // Honey Printed

Wow two blogposten in one day! What do you think of these beautiful tops from Zaful? I really like them! I love wearing these ones in Summer, because they fits comfy and looks cool. What is your favorite piece? I can’t wait until we can wear these things. I’m not so good to get in the mood and buying Summer clothes already. But yeah you need to hurry up because right now they have the best pieces. Have a nice shopping day!!


Love this Winter trend

Coat Zaful // Jeans Levis // Bag Bulaggi // White boots Sacha Shoes

Goodmorning girls. How are you today? I am feeling sooooo cold. I can’t handle this weather. Okay that sounds really depressed, and I am not. Because I like the blue skies and the bright weather. But I don’t know what to wear these freezing days. This look I really like a lot. I wear some pastel colors and matches with my on trend white boots from Sacha Shoes (laarzen). The white boots are back, you can see them so on streetstyle looks and at Fashionweek! Okay it was hard to wear them, because sometimes I don’t know how to wear some trends. These boots are in a (for me) Summer color, so how are you going to wear it in Winter. I wear it with pastel colors, so it still looks a little summerly. How would you wear them. Maybe I will wear it also with this blue Levis jeans, a light blue satin top and a matching jeans jacket. Because satin and light blue are also my two favorites trends this season!! And what do you think of this background. We drove along the highway and I saw this little castle. It looks soo cute. But we did not dare to come any closer, because I saw cameras were everywhere. Hahah! This gate looks also really beautiful ! And we were on time to make photos of the sunset, yeah!! Now I have a lot of work to do! See you in a couple of days with a new blogpost !! Kisses x

Bag Roulette

Brown Shoulder Bag // Wings Bag // Embroidery Bag

Velvet Bag // Checked Bag // Color Block

 After sharing my Spring favorites, I definitely want to share my bag favs. These ones would be perfect for Spring. The one I love the most is Wings Bag, but also the checked bag. Oh, I love them all 😉 Which one would you choose? The backpack has his huge comeback these days. Especially in velvet! And these ones looks a little like designer bags!

Spring favorites

Purple Coat // Yellow Dress // Floral Top

Belted Blouse // Satin Blouse // Heart Sweater


Good morning girls! Because of the sunny weater I am already so excited for Summer. Okay when it is rainy I am also excited. But right now I want to wear Spring clothes. So here you can shop my favorites from Zaful. The trends of Spring will be: Lavender, satin and pink. So that will promise some amazing clothes. What would you want to wear immediately? Let me know in the comments.

Denim Do and Don’t

Hi girls! I don’t know about you, but I am always look forward to see what trends are going to be popular for the upcoming season. Isn’t it ironic how many trends have come back into style? In the 90’s and 00’s, denim jackets and bell sleeve shirts were a huge hit. In the past year, I’ve seen so many outfits that have incorporated a bell sleeve sweater or blouse. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite, timeless pieces: denim.

Jeans are a must-have for any wardrobe. However, it’s shocking how many people can wear this essential. Skinny jeans are my favorite style for women. They can be worn year round and styled with pretty much anything. In the Spring, pair them with a cute pair of sneakers, or try heeled boot as the perfect accent during the colder months! Remember my trip to Barcelona? Here’s my skinny jean outfit that I wore while I was there for some inspiration. The great thing about owning a good pair of skinny jeans is that you can dress them up or down for any occasion. Pair them with a flowy, ruffled blouse and booties for the perfect outfit.

A couple other styles of denim that I’m loving right now are flare and boyfriend style jeans. Isn’t it funny how flared jeans have made a comeback? They were popular in the 70’s and the early 00’s, and once again, they’re back! Boyfriend jeans remind me of the weekend.  Whether running errands or meeting friends, you want to look stylish and comfortable -boyfriend jeans are the perfect way to incorporate both. However, they can be be worn incorrectly. Since they’re a baggy type of pant, try to avoid wearing a loose-fitting top. I recommend pairing them with a see through t-shirt, leather jacket and mules for the ultimate casual look.


How about the men out there? Denim is an essential in their wardrobes too. I’m sure you think men don’t have as many options when it comes to jeans, but that’s where you’re wrong! From skinny to stretch or slim- to loose-fitting jeans, men have plenty of options. Many menswear companies offer a variety of styles and colors options for any type of body shape (personally, I find that men look the best in a form-fitting stretch jean)


Once again, a form-fitting jean can be dressed up or down. Throw on a nice dress shirt, blazer and dark-washed stretch jeans for dinner after work with friends. For the men that are reading this, I recommend trying to avoid any type of loose or baggy style of denim. When worn with an oversized shirt, the outfit can look sloppy overall. Just like boyfriend jeans for women, this style can sometimes be unreliable, but there is a fix for that! If you do choose to wear a relaxed, loose-fitting jean, pair it with a tighter henley shirt and loafers for a great weekend outfit.

Photos by Bonobos
Now can you see why denim makes up some of my most beloved pieces in my everyday wardrobe? Jeans are a necessity, as they’re not going out of style any time soon. Just remember a few simple tips and tricks when styling them to make sure you look your best. For more denim outfit inspiration, check out one of my personal favorites from a few years ago.
What are your likes and dislikes when wearing denim? I’d love to hear!