Are you already excited for the weekend? I am. I don’t know why but I am so tired of this week. But this cute photo cheers me up. Look how cute Luca looks. This blazer like the Golden Goose one. It is just so perfect. Now I wear it with a high-waisted jeans, like this one from Levi’s. To finished this comfy look wear soft sneakers, and not these boots haha. Maybe these ones from Adidas. Hope you like it. Kisses.

In collaboration with Shopbop

Get dressed up!

It is that thing again you need to think about what to wear for Festive season. Okay now I do not look so festive, because it my boots and big scarf. But I really like to wear glitter these days to sheer everything up when the days are dark before XMAS. I picked out some of my favorites for you at Shopbop. So you will be the best-dressed guest ever!

We start with picking out a dress. The dresses of Zac Posen are absolutely my favorite. First I need to save some money before I can buy this, but how magical are they? Second step will be the shoes. Are you wearing heels or something more comfy. Our Christmas diner is not so fancy so I will wear something comfy, but the heels from Sam Edelman are goals. After that we put on some jewelry, more we you dress up a little basic and less when you wear a lot of glitter already. Have a great XMAS diner with your friends and family! Kisses!

Holiday gift guide

Are you almost ready for Christmas? Do you already have all your Christmas gifts at home. It seems nice to me to share some of the things I think it will be really nice to gift to your beloved ones. One of the things I really like is those Christmas sweater like this one on the picture.

Some other things who are nice are the items for home. My home still is a little empty, so for me this would be the best. Other things which would be nice to gift are some items under $100, because sometimes that will be hard to find and it is great to have a lot of gifts for less money!! You can find the favs over here. Or when you want to have lots of gifts you can also choose the things from the under $50 section. Find them over here. My favorites are the pieces of SunnyLife, which are sooo cute! Find the SunnyLife items over here. What do you think? Was this helpful? Have the best Holidays ever!

My best Christmas look

What do you think of this XMAS kinda look? I really like the red tones and plaid pattern. Especially for the cold weather these days. So that is why I picked out some of my favorite cold weather picks for you.

I want to start with the cosy pearl knit for I love Mr Mittens, which is one of my favorite brands for sure. You can find the brand over here. You find their cosy knitwear in beautiful colors. What really cool is these days are the puffer scarfs from Think Royln. It keeps you warm and this thing is really unique and outstanding. What is your favorite from these puffer scarfs? Now move over to these red XMAS tones. I really wanted to have one of the plaid pants in that color. Finally I found the perfect one from Miaou. It is simple but with special details at the top. You can find my favorite plaid pants over here.

It is time to party!

Hi girls, how are you? Hope you feel great. Have you already planned your party looks for Christmas and NYE? I do have pick my favorite look. I will definitely wear a blazer dress with these white cool blogger boots from the Goldilocks collection. Now I wear it with a sweater dress to make it comfy. What do you think of this look?

It is comfy but fashionable at the same time. I really like the combination with the white boots. You can shop them over here. How do you think you will wear this look? I saw on Instagram some really cool looks with the boots. Some people like Goldilocks wear it with a denim dress,  but you also wear it with the nude, orange looks which I love!!! And the heel is perfect, because it is not too high. So you can walk on it the whole day!

I also spot some cool shoes from the other influencer collections, like the Jolielot cowboy boots. I hope I will buy these ones soon haha! Or I hope I will find them under the Christmas tree. The boots from Whoisthatblonde are also super cool!! Both are definitely my style and I would love to wear it with a suede pants, white blouse and cardigan.

Tomorrow I am going to London!! Super excited already! Can’t wait. I still need to pack my bags, but I have some really nice new items to take with me on the trip. We are going to visit Winter Wonderland for sure and do some ice-skating at the History Museum. I think we will do the typical blogger spots haha, but also enjoy the Christmas vibes in the whole city. At the moment I am not in that Christmas vibe yet. I still can’t listen to the songs. But I think it will be alright after visiting London. Have a nice weekend girls!!!