Beau de l’Or – Divine Sensation spray to give your skin a natural glow

Beau de l’Or – Divine spray (here)

Hi girls ! Happy Saturday. At the ‘proefparade‘ I discover this innovative spray: Divine spray. I met Laurette Nijenbandring de Boer, owner of beauty salon Beau de L’Or in Amsterdam. Laurettes dream was to created a product which you can use any time to refresh and give care to the face, neck and hands. It takes 8 years to develop a formula which meets all the requirements. So it is a very unique beauty spray. You can wear it on your day cream or/and liquid makeup. The spray can be used  after a long meeting, during or after a trip or sports effort. The convenient size (20 ml) makes the spray easy to carry on in a handbag. And it also is allowed to spray on airplanes. It will softens, refreshes and lift the skin with a natural glow always and everywhere.

The price of the spray maybe is not so cheap, because the spray is €24.95. But on the other hand, it is a unique product that is developed with care and has a multiple effects. It also has a special aroma of Divine Sensation so it can be combined with perfume or eau de toilette. It contains o.a. bergamot, rose, violet, cedar, sandalwood and amber which created a floral, light fragrance.

I can really recommend the spray. It gives my skin an amazing glow and I think it is perfect to wear on hot- or after busy days. You can order the product of the website of Beau de l’Or one of the selected beauty salons. Check them here.

this product is gifted

The Ritual of Cleopatra

The Ritual of Cleopatra – Look: Serene (here) Rituals

Hi girls. Happy Valentines Day! Did you received some presents? A beautiful present is this box from Rituals, who launched 7 february their 4 trend looks for 2017. The collection is named: The Ritual of Cleopatra, because of the pure pulverized gemstones such as balancing amethyst, energizing ruby and clarifying sapphire in order to accentuate your natural beauty.

They have the looks: Passionate, Serene, Sophisticated en Dazzling. My perfect box is Serene, with some light pink colors for a feminine and fresh look. The duo eyeshadow is with the colors: gold and dark brown, the lipstick is a new products this time and lasts for 8 hours. The color is pink coral. Than I have two eye pencils. One is black and the second is bronze taupe, it contains a pencil with a useful sharper. The box has a lipgloss, which I totally love, of the color pink peach. The other products for your lips is the lip shine in the color candy pink. To give your cheekbones a glow I use the ‘sunglow‘ from the box in the color peach. You can also use it as a eyeshadow, blush or highlighter.

You can shop these four makeup looks here. Have a nice evening. Love!

Brand dating with inspiring brands at ‘de proefparade’


Yesterdays event ‘de proefparade’ by Mr. Goodybag

An afternoon full of exclusive beauty brands. Sounds like the perfect Sunday. Yesterday I was invited to a cool and fun event in Amsterdam. We had the opportunity to have a speeddate with some different beauty brands. First they gave a goodie bag for all the samples from the different brands, so nice. We start at the stand of Kneipp. They had one of my favorite collecties: ‘Beautiful Shape‘. It smells so good. The second brand was Marc Inbane which a know already. I love their self tanning sprays. One of their new products was a brush to blend the tanning spray on your skin. The brand I didn’t know before was the ‘Divine Sensation‘ a face spray to brighten up your skin. It give you a natural glow. I’m already excited to try this product. The makeup brand on this event was W7, a brand with a lot of budget beauty products. They had some amazing palettes for the lips, eyes and face.  I’ll brought some amazing products with me, so there will be a review soon on the blog. There also was a hairdresser from the brand Fudge at the event. She gave us some hair advice. My hair is a little too orange, so she gave me some producten to get the warmth out of my hair. Fudge also has a special collection with some cool color accents. But it is not working for me because my hair is too dark 🙁 So what do you think of this event? There will be any reviews of all the products soon on the blog. I really had a wonderful day! It was perfect to discover new brands.

Spoil you senses and spread the love with Urtekram


Just in time for Valentine’s Day – Body care line Urtekram

Hi girls! How are you doing? I’m doing great and have a great week so far! Today I need to get some work done. Last week I received a beautiful wrapped package from Urtekram. A beauty and food brand based in Scandinavia. Urtekram International is Scandinavia’s largest organic wholesaler. They sell organic frozen foods and certified beauty care products for people with allergies, including lactose and gluten free products. The products I received are from the rose collection. It’s smells so delicious and the package is very cute and beautiful. I got to try some products for the hair and body. So exciting! I always love to have some beauty night with hair and body treatments, so that’s the plan for tonight. I am especially excited for the hair products. I got to try the shampoo for normal and one for dry hair and a conditioner. It is also a perfect gift for Valentine’s day for girlie-girls or as a gift for yourself of course, haha. Now, it is time to do some homework and then some emails. Have a great evening loves!

Hi girls! How are you doing? Ik zelf heb een heerlijke week tot zo ver. Ik zit er aan te denken om alleen in het Engels te schrijven, omdat tegenwoordig bijna iedereen wel Engels kan. Wat zouden jullie daarvan vinden? Lezen jullie het Engelse deel of eigenlijk altijd het Nederlandse deel? Vandaag heb ik lekker veel werk kunnen doen. Afgelopen week is dit mooie pakketje van Urtekram binnen gekomen, een beauty en food merk uit Scandinavië. Het merk is in Scandinavië het grootste organische bedrijf. Ze handelen in bevroren eten en in beauty care producten voor mensen met allergieën. Het is daarom gemaakt gluten vrije en lactose vrije ingrediënten. De producten die ik heb ontvangen zijn van de rozengeur collectie. Het ruikt zo lekker en de verpakkingen zijn super leuk om te zien. Het zijn producten voor zowel je haar als je lichaam. Super leuk! Ik vind het altijd heerlijk om lekker beautyavondjes te houden met haar en body producten, dus dat wordt het plan van vanavond! Ik ben vooral erg benieuwd naar de haar producten. Ik mag de shampoo voor normaal en voor droog haar en de conditioner uit proberen. Het is trouwens ook echt een perfect cadeautje voor Valentijns dag (hint-hint voor je boyfriend), maar natuurlijk ook gewoon voor jezelf. Nu is het tijd voor nog wat schoolwerk en een paar mailtjes. Nog een hele fijne avond loves!

In collaboration with Urtekram

Let’s grow your eyelashes with M2 Beauté

M2 Beauté Eyelash Serum here

Hi Monday! Let’s start the week with the cool product from M2 Beauté. After my eyelash extensions my lashes were very short. Check this post here. I needed a boost for sure! I tried this products for a month now and the results are amazing. My lashes are so much taller en thicker! Above you can see a before and after photo. I’m so curious if when I use the products longer my eyelashes will grow more. But we will see. I am already happy with this, because I love beautiful curly lashes! Have an amazing week girls!

Hi Monday! Laten we de week beginnen met dit mooie product van M2 Beauté. Na mijn wimperextensions waren mijn wimpers ontzettend kort en dun. Bekijk de post met de extensions hier. Ik baalde daarvan en besloot daarom dit product eens te gaan testen. Ik heb hem voor een maand geprobeerd en het resultaat is zo goed te zien! Mijn wimper zijn zo veel langer en dikker. Hierboven zie je een voor en na foto. Ik ben ook heel benieuwd of ze nog langer dan dit kunnen worden. Maar ik ben al super blij met dit resultaat, want ik hou van mooie gekrulde lange wimpers! Een hele fijne nieuwe week meiden!